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Argentineans are not famous for eating rice, but they consume it on a normal basis, such as white rice or risotto. However, they are not the best at cooking pilaf rice. I learned in the Dominican Republic, where rice is a staple of the everyday meal. Rice is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and also grows almost anywhere.  

Dominicans are really good, or the best that I have seen so far, at making rice using a gas stove, a small pot and water. The time or quantity of water will depend on the kind of rice being used. They have La Bandera, or the flag, which is the traditional meal of every day. The dish consists of rice, beans and meat. They make a perfect white rice pilaf and burn the rice at the bottom of the pot. Later, they eat it as a cracker called Concon.

In Minnesota, United States, I found another type of rice, called wild rice. It is harvested by Native Americans and is now a special product. It is a long black grain, used for soup or pilaf.

Rice comes in different colors and sizes, and each of them has a different purpose. For rice pilaf, we are looking for a long grain, which means the starch content is low. This way, the rice will cook, open, and absorb less water.

Serves 4


White long grain rice 1 cup

Water 2 cups

Salt to taste

Butter 1 teaspoon


Wash the rice in water three times to remove the dust and excess starch. It will be ready when the water you are cleaning the rice with is clear.

Put the rice in a small pot, add the water, salt, and butter.

Bring the pot to medium heat. When the water starts to boil, reduce the heat to minimum. With a wooden spoon, give it a quick stir to mix the rice with the butter.

When the rice absorbs most of the water, cover the pot with a lid and remove from heat.

The temperature inside the pot will finish cooking the rice and absorb the rest of the water.

Leave a comment about how yours turns out!

Enjoy it!