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Buñuelos de Banana

FloraCatriel MenendezComment

Tradition that Spain brought to Argentina, complementing other tradition such the mate (tea) that is drinking all day and it is accompanied for this delicious fried dough.

I remember go to my grand mother’s house with my father, and from the street I could smell the fried Buñuelos that was made just minutes ago. She was waiting for us with mate ready to drink and share an afternoon. 

This recipe as many verities, but I am sharing the recipe with banana. I always have banana in my kitchen, when start to turn brown or black I put them in the cooler until are completely black. That shows me the level of sugar is high and I can make deserts, bakes or fries recipes.



Banana puree 300gr- 10oz

Eggs 2each

Baking powder 10gr- 0.3oz

Sugar 100gr- 3.5oz

Flour 200gr-7oz

Milk 50gr-1.7oz

Oil for fry

Confectioned sugar for decoration


In a bowl put the puree of banana, the milk, the eggs and incorporated all together.

Mix all the dries and add to the mixture.

Heat the oil to 180*C or 350*F. With a spoon drop the mixture into the oil, cook until gold brown. Make sure that turn it to cook all the surface.

Remove from the oil and place them in a plate with paper towers, and finish it spry the confectioned sugar and serve.