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Pure de Papas (Mashed potatoes)

Catriel MenendezComment

After working in this industry for thirteen years, I have worked in many restaurants and tried so many mashed potatoes recipes that I cannot number them. There are mashed potatoes with different sausages, spices, cheeses, textures, gratins, herbs, milk, butter, garlic, and more.

In 2011, I got hired to work at the tallest restaurant in the world, Atmosphere, in Dubai. The Chef had extensive experience in France and the rest of Europe, and he gave me a new recipe to work with. I wrote down this recipe and I kept it, and now it is my favorite. Maybe it is my favorite because of the creamy texture and natural sweetness of the potatoes that makes this side dish a spectacular accompaniment to any meat or fish. 

Servings 15


Potatoes                                           3kg (6.6 lb.)

Water                                                3lt (3.17)

Butter(room temperature)             390gr. (13oz)

Cream                                               390gr.(13oz)

Salt                                                   75gr (2.6oz)



Wash the potatoes, peel, and cut them in equal sizes so they cook evenly. Cut the potatoes depending on the size of the tools you have to mash them. In my case, I have a press where I can put a whole or half of a potato at a time.

Place the potatoes in a pot with cool water and salt. Bring the pot to medium heat and boil until the potatoes are soft. To verify this, take a small knife and poke one of the potatoes. If you can go through easily, that means they are ready.

Strain the potatoes, let them cool down just a bit, and warm up the cream.

Smash the potatoes and place them in a big bowl, add the butter and cream. Take a whisk and mix the mashed potatoes until the butter and cream are totally incorporated.

Do not use machines such as hand mixers or stick blenders, and be careful not to whisk by hand too fast, because this will develop the starch in the potatoes and the mix will become gummy and elastic.

To find any lumps or small pieces of potatoes that are left, it is really helpful to use a fine strainer or a fine Chinoise and pass the mashed potatoes through, to get a creamy, smooth, and delicious result.