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Papaya Mousse

FloraCatriel MenendezComment

Papaya is not an Argentinean fruit, it is a tropical fruit but I want to write about my experience when I tried it for the first time.

It was in 2011 when I worked in the Dominican Republic and I found this particular product at the market. It looked like an orange melon, but the skin was really thin. The smell reminded me of three different fruits: peach, banana, and mango, all combined in this fruit. The texture was more like a peach with fibers. The most unique quality of this fruit is the quantity of starch that makes any preparation set.

Walking down the street was a Coquero (a fruit dispenser guy), and he was peeling this fruit and portioning it into small bags so it was ready to eat. Of course no running water or plastic gloves, but I decided to buy one to try it. The Coquero also has an improvised blender attached to a bicycle, where he can pedal the bike and make smoothies.  I could not resist and I tried one of those too. Sincerely, it was the best, sweetest, fruity smoothie that I have ever had. 

Here in United States, the papaya is more accessible but most of the time it is green and it needs to be ripened.  

Serves: 8 portions


Papaya puree       2 cups

Cream                   1 cup

Vanilla extract      I tsp.

Egg whites          2 ea.

Sugar                  2 cup

Water                 1 cup

Gelatin              1bag (7gr)


Place one cup of sugar and the water in a pot. Bring the pot to medium heat until 120*C or 248*F. 

Place the egg whites in a bowl. Whip them with a hand mixer until soft peaks form. Slowly add the hot simple syrup to the eggs whites while mixing continuously. The simple syrup will cook the egg whites forming an Italian Meringue. 

In a cup, place the gelatin and two tablespoon of water. Microwave the mixture for 10 seconds to dissolve well. Add the gelatin to the papaya puree. Pass the puree through fine chinoise.

In another bowl, whip the cream, sugar, and vanilla extract until it is firm and fluffy.

Combine the puree with the whipped cream with a spatula.

Add a cup of meringue to the mix and work it slowly with a spatula until it is fully incorporated. Then add the rest of the meringue.

Portioned the mousse into containers or molds.