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Camote, Batata or Sweet Potatoes

FloraCatriel MenendezComment

I have been studying, practicing, and developing the old cooking techniques that were applied in my homeland. I started with controlling the fire and the wind to cook, smoking protein to preserve grilled meat, cooking vegetables in a hole and covering with ashes for a couple hours. That takes a lot of time, knowledge, and sometimes products when it didn’t go well. I want it to bring this preparation to the home and professional field. I created this recipe with one of my favorite, most versatile roots: La Batata, Camote, or Sweet Potato.

I always liked this root. It can be cooked using so many different techniques and always produces a delicious result. In this case I want to cook it how native Argentineans, or indigenes, did, put the batata directly on the hot coal, which smokes and cooks it at the same time.


Sweet potatoes    4 ea

Butter                    2 tsp

Thyme                   1 tsp

Salt & pepper

Aluminum foil



Wash the sweet potatoes well and place in the aluminum foil one by one. Add the thyme, a little butter, and season it.

Wrap in aluminum foil twice. This traps the steam from the sweet potatoes’ natural moisture, cooking it and conserving all the vitamins and minerals at the same time.

Place them directly in the fire.

After ten minutes, flip over and continue cooking for another ten minutes.

It will be ready when you poke it with a knife and it feels soft inside.

The sweet potato will become soft and sweet with a perfume of thyme.

Enjoy it!