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Zapallo Relleno (Filled Acorn Squash)

FloraCatriel MenendezComment

In Argentina, this Acorn squash is usually used for stews, but i remember seeing one of my favorites Chef on TV cooking squash on the grill. The way to make this dish it is directly on the hot charcoal on the grill, but here i bring the recipe to indoors for those that live in an apartment or do not have a grill.

This recipe for baked squash can also be used as a base for other recipes, such as squash puree or pasta.

Here i want to tell you how to cook it to perfection and fill it. 


Squash 1 ea

Enoki Mushroom  1 cup

Onion julienne  1/2 cup 

Garlic 2 ea

White wine 1/2 cup

Thyme 1 tbsp.

Goat cheese 1/2 cup

olive oil 

salt & Pepper 


Heat the oven to 400* F.

Cut the squash in half , remove the seeds, and place it on an oven pan skin down. Season it and add olive oil. Put it in the oven for around 25 to 35 minutes depending of the size.

In a pan caramelize the onion and garlic with olive oil. When the onion are golden brown, add the mushroom and thyme. Deglaze with withe wine and reduce for 5 minutes. 

Place the filling on top and add the goat cheese. Put the squash back into the oven to caramelize the cheese. 

Enjoy it!!