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Girgola (Oysters Mushroom)

fungiCatriel MenendezComment

I am not just an Argentine Chef that cooks just traditional food. I am an outdoorsman. I love to be out in the river, lake, sea, and the wild forest. Yesterday I was walking in the forest with my wife and my dog, Tony. We were trying to tire out the dog, but I was also paying attention for any signs of mushrooms. After a couple mosquito bites, we came across a log that was tipped over, forming a bridge over a small river. On the other side of the log, there was a beautiful wild Girgola, also known as an oyster mushroom. I gave Tony to my wife and I crossed the log. The mushroom was even bigger than I expected. We ended up with four pounds of wild oyster mushrooms. This mushroom has a mild taste and smells like a hint of anise.

We got home and I cleaned them, but it was a lot for just two people. I made a recipe to conserve these mushrooms so I can enjoy them in the middle of the winter.

Here is my recipe for wild Girgola (oyster) mushroom conservation.


Oyster Mushroom       1lb

Onion                               1 cup

Garlic                               1 tablespoon

Bay leave                        3 each

Thyme                             1 tablespoon

Whole Black pepper    10 each

Olive oil                           2 tablespoon

Champagne vinegar  Β½ cup

Water                              Β½ cup


Put a pan on medium heat, add the oil and caramelize the mushrooms.

Add the onions and keep cooking until they are brown.

Add the garlic, bay leaves, thyme and the black pepper.

Once it is all incorporated, deglaze with the vinegar and add salt.

Let the vinegar evaporate and add the water at the end.

Double check the seasoning. Place the mushroom mixture in a jar while it is still hot. Put on the lid, flip the jar upside down, and let it cool.

The jar is sealed when the lid no longer makes a popping noise when you press down on the top.

This can be stored for more than three months.

Refrigerate after opening.