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Argentine Chef

Natural Herbs & Spices

Nativo offers a variety of seasonings to help you create chef quality food in your very own kitchen. Taste the flavor of Argentina in our hand mixed seasoning blends, all inspired by a passion for flavor.

The Idea

Cooking and sharing meals with your family should be an easy and enjoyable time. We created these seasonings so everyone can cook a stress-free, delicious meal and spend more time at the family dinner table.

Style & Quality

Our style is heavily influenced by my Argentinean background, but the palate expanded when our team started to travel around the world. This travels helped us incorporate different spices and seasoning into our meals. 

We found the best quality products and decided to turn all those years of experience and knowledge into an accessible package for everyone to enjoy.  

100% Handmade

All our products are carefully hand mixed and  handcrafted to ensure the quality and support the art of crafting. This takes more time but we believe the passion and delight of a new experience of spices is worth it.  



Chimi Bravo

This combination of herbs and spices is specifically designed to bring some heat and flavors to your meats, vegetables, soups and stews.


What We Do and Sell?

We blend perfectly balanced spices and herbs to enrich your dishes!


Let us grill for you!

Experience the thrill of authentic outdoor cooking in the DC Area with our range of Asado grills, fire pits and fire cooking techniques.