Argentine Chef

We Provide The Best Quality Spices To Enrich Everyone's Table

Nativo offers a variety of seasonings to help you create chef quality food in your very own kitchen.

The Idea

Cooking and sharing meals with your family should be an easy and enjoyable time. I created these seasonings so everyone can cook a stress-free, delicious meal and spend more time at the family dinner table.

Style & Quality

My style is heavily influenced by my Argentinean background, but my palate expanded when I started to travel around the world. My travels helped me incorporate different spices and seasoning into my meals. 

I found the best quality products and decided to turn all my years of experience and knowledge into an accessible package for everyone to enjoy.  

100% Handmade

All my products are carefully hand mixed and  handcrafted to ensure the quality and support the art of crafting. This takes more time but I believe the passion and delight of a new experience of spices is worth it.  


The Chef: 


Katriel Menendez

Chef Katriel Menendez, designer of Nativo Condiments & Seasonings, began cooking for his family at an early age, learning from his grandparents how to cook traditional dishes from Spain and Italy, as well as cuisine from his first home, Argentina. As he built his career, Katriel traveled around the world studying a variety of cultural foods from five continents – areas like Patagonia, Dominican Republic, Dubai, Thailand, Senegal, France, Spain, and Italy.

Katriel, who now calls the United States home, believes everyone can cook healthy food with worldly flavor. That’s why in 2017 he began offering American families his six signature blends of herbs and spices. He hopes that with a little help from Nativo, families will be inspired to come back into their kitchens and once again enjoy the culture of cooking flavorful dishes together.

Chef created. World inspired.