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Argentine Chef

Since 2018, we have been hosting dinner parties that are hopefully unlike anything you’ve tried before.

We specialize in creating multi-sensory fine dining events; it is our pleasure to create new and unique fine dining experiences that evoke some of the greatest shared food experiences with a unique cuisine and hospitality at the highest levels.

it is in part a performance; where each course begins with an insightful introduction; educating guests on where the products are sourced, the inspirations, and techniques behind every dish. The kitchen is open and you are welcome to take photos and ask the chef questions as he prepare the next course.

A communal dining experience with a dinner party atmosphere gives you the opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

We offer a tasting menu that changes regularly based on seasonality and availability of products from our farmers and purveyors.

This Month’s Dinners

Wine Pairing

We are sampling 4 different kinds of wine to pair with various courses of the set menu. Wine pairing is an art of mixing flavors and aromas with different components from the soil, sea, mountains, and forest with delicious grapes. Wine is an important part of the meal because the flavors in wine help increase and enhance the flavors, while discovering and highlighting others. Finally, the pairings refresh and cleanse the palate for the next bite. Please note that the wine pairings are sold per person.

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Pop-up Dinner Saturday, August 10th

On Saturday August 10th at 7:00pm, we are hosting a Pop Up Dinner! 

Chef Katriel will prepare three courses based in Argentinean techniques, with some refined fine dining touches. Please join us for a delicious dinner hosted by the Argentine Chef. Come and explore both innovative and traditional cuisine prepared by one of the area's most passionate chefs. The event starts at 7 pm.  


Summer Salad

Mixed Summer Leaves, Cucumber, Melon, Heirloom Tomatoes

Citrus Dressing 

Pollo al Disco

Baby potatoes, baby carrots, Charred Onion

White wine sauce

Cream Cheese Foam 

Wild Berries, Honey Tuile, Mango Ice Cream, Strawberry Dust

It will be in Capitol Heights MD, the address will be sent out after booking. 

Please note, if you would like wine pairings for this dinner, you may purchase wine tickets for each guest in your reservation.

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Let us grill for you!

Experience the thrill of authentic outdoor cooking in the DC Area with our range of Asado grills, fire pits and fire cooking techniques.


Cooking Classes

Fresh Pasta Cooking Classes

Chef Katriel will be instructing you on how to make fresh pasta from scratch. This is a demonstration on how a couple ingredients and the right technique can make a delicious meal.

At the end of the demonstration, we will sample the different pasta dishes we created together. Please join us in this new and tasty adventure of cooking, learning and sharing healthy recipes and lifestyle.

Note that the classes has a capacity of 6 maximum.


Seasoning Salad

Lettuce, conserves, egg, almonds and balsamic vinaigrette

Fresh Pasta

With 3 different sauces (tomato, cream and cacio e pepe)


with caramel and whipped cream

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Desserts Cooking Class "May 3rd"

Chef Katriel will share his secrets to preparing delicious desserts based on his experiences around the world and family recipes. This variety of new desserts is sure to surprise your family and friends!

In the class, we will touch on the basics of bakery and patisserie. We will create a little of everything from pies to cakes and other delicious sweets like ice cream and sauces.

Join us for this delicious and sweet adventure.



Chocolate Mousse

Vanilla Ice Cream

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Steak Cooking Class April 19th

If you're wondering how to create succulent, restaurant-quality steaks at home, this is the class for you.

Chef Katriel will share secrets the pros use to cook tender, flavorful steak seared to caramelized perfection. We’ll work with popular cuts of beef, covering everything from grilling and pan searing to sous vide cooking.


Perfectly Grilled Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Seared Butter-Basted Steak

Torched Sous Vide Steak with Fresh Herb Salad

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Seafood Cooking Class "May 17th"

If you're wondering how to create succulent, restaurant-quality seafood at home, this is the class for you.

Chef Katriel will show you the basics for mastering the art of cooking delicious fish and seafood to perfection. We will create traditional recipes using new techniques.


Scallops with couscous

Salmon with Spring salad

Shrimp with garlic

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