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Green Beans with Spice the Sea

Spice the SeaCatriel MenendezComment

Green beans are great, especially in the summer.

They are really tasty and nutritious. The problem is people do not know how to cook them or they add so many other ingredients that the flavor gets lost. So here is a simple recipe that will increase the flavor of this French beans so much that you will not stop eating them.


Green beans 1 bunch

Butter 1 tbsp.

Spice the Sea 1 tbsp.



Put water in a pot to boil with salt. Clean the green beans and cut the tips.

When the water is boiling, blanch the beans for 45 seconds. When you take them out, they should be crunchy.

At the same, time heat up a saute pan to medium heat, add the butter, Spice the Sea and place the green beans inside last.

Saute for other 30 seconds and serve.

Enjoy them by themselves or with a steak!

Delicious Okra

Pampa's HerbsCatriel MenendezComment

Okra was new for me when I came to North America. The first time I tried it, I did not like the texture. This kind of slimy vegetable was not for me! But One day I realized if the okra is fresh, seasoned well, and cooked properly, this does not happen.

Sometimes the easy techniques are the best way to do it!


Okra 5 ea. large

Olive oil 2 tbsp.

Pampa’s Herbs 2 tbsp.

Butter 1 tbsp.


Heat up a cast iron pan, add the oil and let it heat up until smoky.

Slice the okra in coins and add it to the pan. Let the okra caramelize, reduce the heat to medium, add the butter and the herbs to finish.

Enjoy this with chicken or beef!

Smoked Chicken

Pampa's HerbsCatriel MenendezComment

I really like this method of cooking, but I do not recommended if you do not have the time. Also you have to be careful with the dripping fat in to the fire, control the fire and the heat at all moments. Have with you a sheet pan just in case the grill get a big fire and you can cover or close until the fire get down.



Pampa’s Herbs 4 tbsp

Oil 1 cup (no olive oil)

Lemon 2ea


First the need to start the fire. While the fire is working we need to marinated the chicken.

Take the chicken and dislocate the legs, hips and wings. This will make the cooking faster and easier.

Next will be making the marination with the oil, lemon juice and the Pampa’s Herbs. Apply the herbs oil on the surface of the chicken, season in side and place the squeezed lemons.

With a butcher twine make a best around the chest of the chicken and tide the legs together.

Lets hung the chicken close to the fire, place your hand in front of the chicken and count. The number you want to get is 5 to 6 seconds. I will start head down to cook the breast then flip over to cook the legs.

Cook until golden brown and the meat fall of the bone. this will be around 4 to 6 hs depend the size of the chicken.

Enjoy it!

Cucumber Gazpacho

Patagonia Mix, Spice the Sea, Pampa's HerbsCatriel MenendezComment

This refreshing recipe it is really easy to make,  delicious for a summer day and a light starter.  Gazpacho is a cold soup base in vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers. I have a lot of fun making new versions of this soup.

We will divide the recipe in three because we have 3 different technique in three elements. 


Cucumber 2 big (cut in coins)

Celery 4 stems (cut small )

Pampa's Herbs 1 tbsp.

Onion 1 small (cut small)

Garlic 1 clove (peeled)

Water 2 cups

Spiced Mango:

Mango 1 ea (cut in cubes)

Patagonia mix 1 teaspoon 

Lemon juice and zest


Olive Oil 2 tbsp

Clams 1 lb

White wine 1 cup

Spice the sea 1 tbsp.

Lemon juice 



In a blender place the vegetables, the water, and the spices. Blend until fine, pass the soup through a fine chinoise to remove the big pieces. Taste salt and pepper and chill for half hour in the fridge.


Heat a pot, add the oil and saute the clams. When the clams start to open add the wine and the spices. Evaporate the alcohol and finish the clams with lemon juice. 

Remove from the head and let them cold down, then remove one shelf or both. 


Put the mango in a bowl and mix it with Patagonia Mix, lemon zest and juice to taste. Mix well and serve.

In a bowl place, the Gazpacho pre-mixed, the spiced mango and the clams.

Enjoy it really cold with a delicious white wine!