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Taro Chips with Patagonia Mix

Patagonia MixKatriel MenendezComment

Taro root is a product that I was not familiar with until I went to the Caribbean. The root it is delicious and versatile, and it has a light purple color when roasted, baked or boiled. The natural sugars give a sweet, nutty flavor. In this recipe we will fry it and make a delicious snack!!



Place the sliced taro in cold water to remove the excess starch. Leave the root there for half an hour.

Place the oil in a pot, bring the pot to a medium heat fire.

Drain the taro roots and dry them with a towel. When the oil reaches 340*F or 170*C.

Place one by one the slices of taro, ensuring the oil does not get cold. Cold oil will not cook the root fast enough and make them absorb oil and become soggy.

When the chips have golden brown edges, remove them from the oil. Place them in a bowl and sprinkle them with Patagonia Mix. The spices will stick to the root and absorb the excess oil.

This will be great for a party, reunion or side dish.

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