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Omelet with Pampa's Herbs

Pampa's HerbsKatriel MenendezComment

Perfect for breakfast or lunch, a well done omelet it is a fast solution. It is healthy and full of protein to keep you in shape. Here is how I do it.



Whisk two eggs with a fork. We do not want to incorporate air, just mix the eggs. Season the eggs with Pampa’s Herbs.

Heat up a pan to medium heat and place some oil onto it. Make sure the oil covers all the surface. Place the eggs in the pan and use a spatula to make sure the eggs are cooking evenly after around 2 to 3 minutes.

Flip over one third of the the omelet, add the butter and flip the other third on top and cook it for 30 seconds. Flip over the omelet onto a plate and the butter on top.

The omelet should be soft and runny inside.

Note: place some cheese, ham or bacon before flipping it . It is delicious.


Smoked Chicken

Pampa's HerbsKatriel MenendezComment

I really like this method of cooking, but I do not recommended if you do not have the time. Also you have to be careful with the dripping fat in to the fire, control the fire and the heat at all moments. Have with you a sheet pan just in case the grill get a big fire and you can cover or close until the fire get down.


  • Chicken

  • Pampa’s Herbs 4 tbsp

  • Oil 1 cup (no olive oil)

  • Lemon 2ea

  • Method:

First the need to start the fire. While the fire is working we need to marinated the chicken.

Take the chicken and dislocate the legs, hips and wings. This will make the cooking faster and easier.

Next will be making the marination with the oil, lemon juice and the Pampa’s Herbs. Apply the herbs oil on the surface of the chicken, season in side and place the squeezed lemons.

With a butcher twine make a best around the chest of the chicken and tide the legs together.

Lets hung the chicken close to the fire, place your hand in front of the chicken and count. The number you want to get is 5 to 6 seconds. I will start head down to cook the breast then flip over to cook the legs.

Cook until golden brown and the meat fall of the bone. this will be around 4 to 6 hs depend the size of the chicken.

Enjoy it!

Grilled Bronzino

Pampa's HerbsKatriel MenendezComment

Grilled Bronzino

Bronzino is the name for the European bass. It is delicious in any way you cook it. In this recipe we will grill it.


  • Bronzino whole

  • Orange 1 each

  • Sliced Lemon 1 each

  • Sliced Pampa's herbs 1 tbsp.


Let's start the fire for the grill, them marinate our fish.

Place the fish on the cutting board and cut it all the way to the tail following the belly. Season the inside and stuff it with orange and lemon slices.

At this time your grill is hot and ready to cook the bronzino. Check the temperature of the grill with your hand slightly over the grill and count 7 seconds.

Place the fish on the grill, caramelize the skin, and flip it over. Fish is usually really fast to cook.

I recommend to eat the skin but you can also remove it.

Enjoy it with a glass of Chardonnay!

Watermelon Salad

Pampa's HerbsKatriel MenendezComment

Summer is here and with it comes watermelon! Here is a simple recipe for a summer salad. I really like the combination of flavors in this salad, the sweetnessof the watermelon, the tartness of the green tomatoes and the creaminess of the goat cheese creates the perfect balance and freshness for this weather.


  • Watermelon in cubes 2 cups

  • Green tomatoes in cubes 1 cup

  • Goat Cheese 1/2 cup

  • Apple Cider Vinegar 1 tbsp.

  • Olive Oil 2 tbsp.

  • Pampa's Herbs 2 tbsp.

  • Optional (mint, zucchini flower)


In a bowl, put the Pampa's herbs and the vinegar, mix well and add the oil. 

In a bigger bowl mix the tomatoes, watermelon and dress them with the mix. 

The goat cheese can be added at this moment, or it can be added last when the salad is already on the plate. It depends on the presentation of the salad.

Finish it with some mint leaves and zucchini flowers.