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Monk Fish with Spice the Sea

Spice the SeaKatriel MenendezComment

Monk Fish

With Spice the Sea

Monk fish is really good if you know how to make it, and most importantly, how to season it.


  • Monk fish

  • Flour 1 cup

  • Spice the Sea 2 tbsp.

  • Lemon juice 1 each

  • White wine 1/2 cup

  • Oil 1/2 cup

  • Fresh Dill


In a bowl, mix the flower and Spice the Sea. Pass the fish through the flower, making sure that the entire surface is covered with flour.

Heat up a pan, reduce it to medium heat and add oil. When the oil reaches a good temperature and begins to smoke a bit, sear all the sides of the fish.

Add the wine and cover for 5 minutes or until fully cooked.

Finish it with lemon juice and fresh dill.

Enjoy !!