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Taro Chips with Patagonia Mix

Patagonia MixKatriel MenendezComment

Taro root is a product that I was not familiar with until I went to the Caribbean. The root it is delicious and versatile, and it has a light purple color when roasted, baked or boiled. The natural sugars give a sweet, nutty flavor. In this recipe we will fry it and make a delicious snack!!



Place the sliced taro in cold water to remove the excess starch. Leave the root there for half an hour.

Place the oil in a pot, bring the pot to a medium heat fire.

Drain the taro roots and dry them with a towel. When the oil reaches 340*F or 170*C.

Place one by one the slices of taro, ensuring the oil does not get cold. Cold oil will not cook the root fast enough and make them absorb oil and become soggy.

When the chips have golden brown edges, remove them from the oil. Place them in a bowl and sprinkle them with Patagonia Mix. The spices will stick to the root and absorb the excess oil.

This will be great for a party, reunion or side dish.

If you tried our recipe, please leave us a comment about how it goes, questions, suggestions or recipe requests.


Swiss Chard Tart With Heritage Blend

Heritage BlendKatriel MenendezComment

I really like tarts, especially the savory ones. I remember the first tart I tried was so good that I burned my tongue with melted cheese but I did not care. The crunchy dough and the creamy filling really caught my attention from a young age.

So here is a tart recipe that is really healthy and delicious.



  • Flour 500gr (17.6 oz)

  • Salt 10gr (0.3oz)

  • Water 300gr (10.5oz)

  • Oil or Fat 100gr (0.3oz)


  • Chard 2 bunches

  • Onion 1 ea (sliced)

  • Garlic 2 cloves (chopped)

  • Oil 2 tbsp.

  • Milk 3 cups

  • Flour 4 tbsp

  • Heritage Blend 2 tbsp

  • Salt

  • Egg 1 ea


Put a pot with salted water to boil.

Heat the oven to 400*F.

Make the dough by mixing all the ingredients. The dough has to be soft and elastic. Let it rest for at least 10 minutes.

When the water boils, blanch the chard for 1 minute and cool down in ice water.

In a pot place the oil, the onion and the garlic. Cook the onion until is translucent, add the flour and the butter. Cook the flour for 2 minutes and add the milk. Chop the chard and add it to the pot.

Bring the milk to a boil and keep stirring with a wooden spoon. Season it with Heritage Blend. Let the filling cool down.

Cut the dough in 2 pieces, one bigger than other.

Take the tart mold and apply oil to cover the surface.

Stretch the larger piece and place it in the mold.

Place the filling in the tart and cover with the second piece of dough.

Close the tart by sticking the dough together around the edge.

Paint the tart with a whipped egg and poke the tart with a fork to let the air escape.

Bake the tart for 40 to 45 minutes.

Enjoy it hot or cold !!

Green Beans with Spice the Sea

Spice the SeaKatriel MenendezComment

Green beans are great, especially in the summer.

They are really tasty and nutritious. The problem is people do not know how to cook them or they add so many other ingredients that the flavor gets lost. So here is a simple recipe that will increase the flavor of this French beans so much that you will not stop eating them.



Put water in a pot to boil with salt. Clean the green beans and cut the tips.

When the water is boiling, blanch the beans for 45 seconds. When you take them out, they should be crunchy.

At the same, time heat up a saute pan to medium heat, add the butter, Spice the Sea and place the green beans inside last.

Saute for other 30 seconds and serve.

Enjoy them by themselves or with a steak!

Delicious Okra

Pampa's HerbsKatriel MenendezComment

Okra was new for me when I came to North America. The first time I tried it, I did not like the texture. This kind of slimy vegetable was not for me! But One day I realized if the okra is fresh, seasoned well, and cooked properly, this does not happen.

Sometimes the easy techniques are the best way to do it!



Heat up a cast iron pan, add the oil and let it heat up until smoky.

Slice the okra in coins and add it to the pan. Let the okra caramelize, reduce the heat to medium, add the butter and the herbs to finish.

Enjoy this with chicken or beef!