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Caldo de Pollo (chicken stock)

stocks and saucesCatriel MenendezComment

I was working with a Chef that studied and worked in France. One time, I asked him why he added chicken stock to all the preparations and his answer actually made a lot of sense.

He said:

First: This way we do not waste any produce and we extract all the flavor and perfume from the bones, making our food cost lower because we do not need to buy bones or stocks. This stock can be used for many preparations and recipes including sauces and soups.

Second: Everybody likes the smell of roasted chicken.

This Chef put a lot of time and money in his stock, which was the base of every meal. We used the stock to cook, boil, and deglaze.

I took all the notes that I could and paid attention to every single technique and detail. Today I use those notes and make excellent stock, sauce, and soups.


Chicken bones                1lb.

Onion                               1 ea.

Carrot                              1 ea.

Celery                              1 cup

Garlic                               2 cloves

Tomato concentrate     1 tbsp.

White wine                     Β½ cup.

Bouquet garni                1(thyme, parsley, sage, bay leaf)

Black pepper corn         1 tbsp.

Water                              4qt.



Roast the chicken bones in the oven at 420 *F until golden brown.

Cut all the vegetables in large pieces and place them in a big pot.

Cover the vegetables with water and bring the pot to boil at medium temperature.

Add the rest of the ingredients and the roasted bones.

Boil them for 45 minutes, strain and reserve for further recipes.

This chicken stock can be frozen for 3 to 6 months.