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Caldo de Vegetales (Vegetable Stock)

stocks and saucesCatriel MenendezComment

Here is one recipe for our friend the vegetarian. It is the base of any preparation in an industrial or domestic kitchen, and is another way to not waste vegetables or vegetables peelings.

Yes, actually you can make stock or soup from the peelings of some vegetables, but of course not all of them. This simple preparation adds more flavor and perfumes to your recipes. With a little imagination, you can save money too. This recipe can be done in an hour or a couple days depending when you gather all the ingredients. For example, today you peel a carrot to make a salad. Save the peelings in a plastic bag and freeze it with tomatoes or any other vegetables that you would like to add to the stock. Later on, just put all the peelings from the freezer directly in the pot, adding some herbs, wine and water. The result is a healthy and aromatic stock or soup.

Here is my recipe from scratch


Carrots                    2ea.

Celery                     1ea.

Onion                     2 ea.

Garlic                      2 cloves

Tomatoes              2ea

Water                    4qt

Black pepper      1tbsp.

White wine           1 cup

Bouquet garni      1 (bay leaf, thyme, sage, parsley)



Cut all the vegetables in big cubes.

In a large pot, place all the ingredients and cover with water.

Bring the pot to boil for 45 minutes.

Strain, cool, and preserve for further preparations.