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Mayonesa (Mayonnaise)

stocks and saucesCatriel MenendezComment

One of the most used sauces in United States in my experience, from side dishes to a principal component in salads, is Mayonnaise. It is really popular because of the versatility and lemon flavor that can go a long with any protein. Some of the restaurants name it different things like aioli or emulation but the base is the same. 

I do not really remember when I tried for first time, but I remember my grandma pulled out from the fridge a homemade Mayonnaise that tasted lemony with a delicious creamy texture. Nothing more elegant and delicate than that mayo. Here is the recipe!


Egg yolk           2ea

Vegetable oil     2 cups

Lemon juice   1ea

Salt & white pepper


In a bowl, put the egg yolks, salt and pepper, and start to whip them with a whisk.

Whipping constantly, add the oil slowly until all the ingredients are combined.

Finish with lemon juice and double check the seasonings.

Enjoy it!