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Vinaigrette (Dressing)

stocks and saucesCatriel MenendezComment

Usually when there is a salad on the table there is also oil, vinegar, salt and pepper to season it. Now the problem always is finding a balance. If you add too much salt it becomes salty, too much vinegar and the acidity kills the lettuce, or too much oil and the salad ends up oily.

Chefs developed a recipe so we always have the perfect balance that a delicate salad needs. It is pretty simple, the percentage of vinegar is always three times smaller than the oil. This percentage can be used in any recipe that contains an acidic solution like lemon juice, orange juice, vinegar, and more.


Vegetable oil                    ¾ cup

Apple cider vinegar          ¼ cup

Salt & Pepper to taste


In a bowl, dissolve the salt crystals with vinegar with a whisk.

Add the pepper and finish by adding the oil slowly and whipping constantly.

The solution will separate in a couple hours but you can put it in a bottle and mix it every time before using it.